Unlocking the potential of the Institute of Animal Reproduction and Food Research
for strengthening integration with the European Research Area and regional development
7th Framework Programme EU-Research Potential-Capacities-FP7-REGPOT-2010-1-264103


On the beginning of December 2013 IAR&FR PAS initiated the implementation of a new project financed from the 7th Frammework Programme. The project titled "Traditional Food Network to improve transfer of knowledge for innovation" involves 30 partners such as inter alia SMEs organizations, associations of traditional producers, scientific and research institutions, as well as universities.

The main objective of Trafoon is to facilitate the transfer of knowledge between science and business on the European, national and regional level.

The Network will operate as the center of information on innovations in the production of traditional food and its introduction to the market. It addition, it will support entrepreneurship in the sector of traditional food, ensure synergies between manufacturers and scientists, and elaborate a programme of strategic research and innovation for traditional agri-food branches of industry. Total budget of the project amounts € 4,4 M. IAR&FR PAS is one of the partners within the project and will provide expertise in the area of cereal products; fruits; food quality and safety. Prof. R. Amarowicz is the coordinator on behalf of the Institute.

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